The following workshops are available for congregation or district gatherings. As noted, they are designed to train and enable individuals and congregations better face the challenges of being the church in today’s spiritual climate. From developing stronger ministry teams to sharing the gospel, the KEC is prepared to help churches rise up to the challenges of missional ministry in today’s world.

 Social Media and Online Presence – Workshop and Discussion

Is your church ministry online? Which social media platforms do you use? Do you have a strategy for your social media and online presence? The Kingdom Extension Community invites you to join your ministry peers for two back-to-back workshops and discussion.

The first will address how to plan and maintain a marketing and communication plan on social media. Attention will also be given to community building and how to increase engagement online. The second will focus on creating engaging video content. Move your videos from bland and basic to engaging and beautiful using (mostly) equipment you already have. These little changes can make a big difference. Q&A discussion.

The two sessions will be led by Amanda Sigman (Content Marketing Associate at Kinectiv) and Addison Roberts (Online Pastor, GCCWS). Each brings their training, skill set, and experience to the table to provide insights, instruction, and direction for improving what you are already doing.

Questions? Contact Les Cool: 717-951-8433 or [email protected].

The Art of Conversation

Conversation! When was the last time you started a conversation? With a stranger? Smooth? Awkward? When was the last time a conversation included Jesus?

As Christians, we get to talk about Jesus. Sharing Jesus usually starts with a conversation and a relationship and trust. Consider developing new conversational skills.

This 2-hour workshop is a conversation about conversations. There is an art to making space for conversations. Discover resources, develop ideas, and practice the art of moving from “hello” to something deeper, even gospel focused. Deciding to be prepared usually guarantees they will happen. Resources and ideas will address starting conversations, redirecting conversations, and leaving space for future conversations.

Let’s talk about how this workshop might fit the needs of your church family (717-951-8433 or [email protected]). And when a workshop would fit your schedule.

The Art of Neighboring: Connecting with our Local Communities

This hands-on workshop is designed to help you explore how to identify points of intersection between the DNA of your church and that of the surrounding community. With these insights, participants will examine ways to build missional “bridges” between church and community. The aim of the interactive sessions will be for each church represented to generate action steps to build relationships and ministries with your neighbors.

Three teaching sessions (Who are we? Who are they? What bridges can be created between us?) are followed by hands-on workshops (church teams actually processing the material that was shared). The final session is designed to leave each church team with solid plans and action steps toward missional connections with their communities.

Let’s talk about how this workshop might fit the needs of your church family (717-951-8433 or [email protected]). And when a workshop would fit your schedule.

Powerful Leadership and Prepared Members

It’s a great feeling to know that your leadership positions are all filled. It is equally satisfying to know your people want to make a difference. It’s a different reality, however, knowing the right person is in the right role for the right reason.

God empowers his Church through spiritual gifts, holy enablements given to each believer. Identifying and developing our spiritual gifts are steps toward impactful ministry. We can do the best we can do or we can thrive as we effectively serve out of our gifting.

A Leadership Grip workshop (Live or Zoom) would provide insights on building a better church leadership team, as well as help you equip your congregation, for powerful ministries. And maybe save someone from burnout!

Let’s talk about how this workshop might fit the needs of your church family and when a workshop would fit your schedule.  (717-951-8433 or [email protected]).